If is a RPG game developed for the Game Boy. Now available as a ROM file and a Web version.

In If, player controls Penny, a pilot who set off on a journey to find her partner in a mysterious archaeological site.

Keyboard Controls

Up - Up Arrow / W  
Down - Down Arrow / S  
Left - Left Arrow / A  
Right - Right Arrow / D  
A - Alt / Z / J  
B - Ctrl / K / X  
Start - Enter  
Select - Shift


Submitted in this 2019's #GMTKJam. The theme of the jam was "Only One", so the game features: one action button, one character, one place, one enemy, one NPC and one battle. In If, player controls Penny a pilot who set off on a journey to find Des her partner in the archaeological site El Zotz.


Nineteen years have passed since the Great War, the third world war, a battle between the China and the United States of America. A peculiar feature of the Great War was the use of robots, pilot-operated biped machines known as Metal Knights. During the Great War each country had few of then. When China won the war, the world changed. China, known as the world's second largest economy today is called Great China and became the center of the world. The United States, after being defeated form a union with Canada, Mexico and Brazil, this union formed the New World.


GB Studio, Super Robot Pinball


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Playing this while looking through GMTK’s back catalogue of jams in search of something to waste my time on.

Welp that was very short. Keeping in theme i guess. But the writing was good, if the grammar a bit off.

Also throwing a bone to us emulator users with the ROM file, which has the honor of getting into my ROMs folder. Not a very high honor, but one nonetheless.

You probably aren’t going to see this, since no one looks at itch.io comment sections, let alone ones from 2 year old jams, but if you do then i enjoyed this little game of yours.

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Hi. Thanks for the comment.

Glad you were interested in playing my game.

I agree with everything you've said, it's true the grammar a bit off.

Thanks for leaving a comment.