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Alette If is a mystery RPG game developed for the Game Boy about Penny, a Metal Knight pilot who travels to a mysterious archaeological site to find her partner. Now available as a ROM file and a Web version. 

Submitted in this 2019's #GMTKJam. The theme of the jam was "Only One", so the game features: one action button, one character, one place, one enemy, one NPC and one battle. 

Nineteen years have passed, but the shadow of the Great War is still upon the world. On February 28, 2019, the 3th world war began. The war was between China and the United States of America. A feature of the Great War was the use of war robots, pilot operated biped machines, the Metal Knights. When China won the war, the world changed.

The  print-ready cover/manual were made by Sansigolo , and can be downloaded through the links

Game Boy cover/back https://tinyurl.com/
Game Boy clear cover/back https://tinyurl.com/AlleteIF2

GB Studio

Cover art:
Adriano Kitani (@amkitani)

Soopygoop (https://sloopygoop.itch.io/)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorNeuromage Studio
GenreRole Playing
TagsFemale Protagonist, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Mechs, Narrative


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